Phone call event reminders for Google Calendar

FREE 30-day trial, then only $7/month

How does it work?

  1. You’ll need three things to get started:

    • Google Chrome Browser
    • Use Google Calendar
    • Have a U.S. phone number

    Got those? Perfect

  2. Install The Chrome Extension

  3. Open your Google Calendar

  4. Authorize Interruptive to access your calendar, so it can stay in sync with all your events

  5. Set up phone call interruptions on any single or recurring event

  6. At the reminder time, Interruptive will call your phone until you answer and acknowledge the call

What can you use it for?

Maintain Punctuality

  • Daily or weekly meetings
  • Social events
  • Appointments

Develop New Habits

  • Wake up earlier
  • Remember to take medications
  • Daily or weekly tasks

Achieve Personal Goals

  • Learn a new skill
  • Exercise
  • Personal projects

Keep Events To A Fixed Length

  • Work meetings
  • Watching Netflix
  • Playing video games

How much does it cost?

It's free for the first 30 days, then it's only $7 a month. You can also subscribe to our $75 a year plan for a 10% discount.

Being late is embarrassing, but it can also be costly. Missed trains or planes require buying new tickets, but a missed meeting could cost you a job.

What if I just ignore the call? Or I miss the call?

Interruptive will call you again one minute later. The phone calls are designed to be obtrusive and truly interrupt whatever you’re currently focused on.

How many times will it call me?

At the reminder time, Interruptive will attempt to call you 5 times over the course of 5 minutes before giving up.

Will it call me from the same number every time?

Yes, Interruptive calls you from the same number every time.

We recommend adding the Interruptive number 1-484-725-6194 to your contacts, so you know who is calling.

Can I use it for my work and personal calendars?

Yes. You can sign up with any Google account.

You will need to authorize Interruptive and validate your phone number for each Google account you sign up with.

Each Google account requires a paid Interruptive subscription.

Why phone calls?

As smartphone owners, most of our communication today takes place in text. Everyone is using social media, emails, and chat to communicate.

Because the frequency of push notifications and text messages has increased, we now pay less attention to them.

Except for our moms (Hi Mom!), the people we know rarely call us on the phone. So much so that phone calls have become the most interruptive means of communication. When we get a phone call, it usually means it’s important.

Want to know more? Read our introductory blog post.

How does Interruptive help my chronic lateness?

Let's say you’ve got a meeting across town today at 3pm. It’s a 25 minute drive, with traffic. You tack on 20 minutes to get ready and out the door.

So you set yourself an alarm: start getting ready at 2:15pm.

When that alarm goes off, you are knee deep in something and just need a few more minutes to wrap it up. You remember you gave yourself some buffer time anyway, so you’ll be fine if you just snooze the alarm and continue for another few minutes. Which turns into a solid 10 minutes, and then... you’re late. This happens to us all the time.

In those situations, Interruptive is designed to break your focus lock – making you answer a phone call you can’t ignore and you can't snooze.

How can I use it to develop new habits or achieve personal goals?

Want to know the best way to get something done? Schedule time for it on your calendar.

Want to exercise once a day or maybe wake up earlier? Schedule a recurring event on your calendar.

Want to know the best way to get off your butt and actually do those things when you've scheduled them? An Interruptive phone call reminder.

Are there any limits to the number of calls I get?

No, there are no limits to the number of interruptions you can set up.

We want you to achieve success with your Interruptive goals. Whether it’s increased punctuality, new habits, new personal goals, or just timeboxing events, you can use however many phone calls you need to get the job done.

Why doesn’t it work with my iCloud calendar?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give us a secure way to synchronize your calendar events without asking for your private Apple ID and password. Try Google Calendar instead - it’s super easy to switch.

I live outside the U.S. – can I still use it?

Sorry, during our beta period, we are only supporting U.S.-based phone numbers. We have plans to roll out support for international phone numbers in the future. Email us at support@ to let us know you’re very interested.

How do I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my subscription?

Need to adjust your subscription? No problem!

Email us anytime at: support (at) interruptive (dot) co